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Gear Review

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Sick googles at a great price

Just picked up a pair of the Jonas Michilot gogs and they are awesome! This was my first time rocking goggle not from one of the big name goggle companies (Dragon, Smith, Electric, etc.) and honestly I was just expecting some basic goggles for cheaper than I'd have to pay for EG2's or something. Turns out these are awesome. The entire frame and lens is not rigid and can be twisted and turned quite easily. this allows it to fit your face perfectly when tightened, so gone are the days of not buying _____ goggles because "they dont fit my face". The field of vision on these is amazing! They don't have a massive lens like some goggles out there that make you look like a traveler from another planet, but because the goggle fits much closer to your face than other company's goggles you have great peripheral vision. They also have a clip in the back of the strap so you can put em on without messing up your beanie sag. Finally, the chrome on the inside lens so you can never scratch it off is so basic but so genius, I can't believe every company doesn't already have a version of this. All around great gogs