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Gear Review

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Simple yet Advanced.

The LX binding has been in Ride's line up since it's days as the Preston LX binding. Many riders look at this binder and think at the price that it can't be anything special. But Ride has been great about "trickling down" their technology through their binding lineup and the LX packs some features that you'd spend $50 more bucks with other companies to get.

*Convertible toe strap - Wear it over the front of your boot, wear it half way over the top and the toe or use it as a traditional toe strap over the top. It doesn't matter you can put it anywhere you want on your boot. The best part is it stays where you put it. Ride has put a grid pattern into the strap, what this does is it allows the snow that gets into your strap to melt and push through. Other convertible straps that are solid tend to shift while riding due to the snow melting and pushing out the sides.

* A highback that is playful and forgiving but responsive enough to give you a great heel/toe edge response.

* Solid ankle strap that isn't too soft or stiff. Helps with learning to turn and performs when you are dialed and linking turns and looking to step it up to the next level.

* Smooth ratchets that are easy to use and don't destroy your ladders.

When it comes down to it this is a great binding for a beginner, someone that has a season or two under their belt or a veteran on a budget looking for a good binding for the money.