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Simply amazing

Love this thing. Ridden it about 9-10 times so far this season in a wide variety of conditions, and its yet to fail me. the saucer wax from the factory held up surprisingly for that entire time, but just slapped some new wax on. normal all mountain riding is flawless. the board never catches an edge and keeps the chatter wayyy down at high speeds. carving is a blast as well, super easy to control. the fun starts when you play with the flex. board has a perfect flex and real nice pop. cant say a board has ever felt better than this. if youre looking at any other all mountain/park boards, just stop now and pick up the revolver or the evo. im 5'10 180lbs and went with the 158, would have preferred the 155 (will definitely pick up this board in a 155 next season). the board is bombproof also, rails, rocks, nothing has managed to put so much as a small ding in this. with dogfunk's return policy and neversummers 3 year warranty theres no reason not to get this board. highly recommended

Simply amazing
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How does the board hold up on tail heavy landings? Im worried about wash out because of the softer flex.