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Small in Front! Otherwise: Ballin'

Would be 5 stars, the only problem is that the toe box is small. The ankle and mid-foot are very spacious and the padding is ample; just the toe region is tight and inflexible. I've never had this problem with Osiris before. You may want to order a half size up; I'm hoping mine will break in to my foot.

Otherwise, these shoes rock! Here are some things I like.

They are actually fairly waterproof; just had them out in heavy rain for about 10 minutes and the inner liner is damp but I'm impressed with how well they shed water. I will def be using these to commute to and from the mountain this winter.

The feel of the shoes is awesome. I don't usually rock high-tops but the ankles feel very comfy...not too tight, but if you start to roll the looseness gets used up and the support is there when you need it. Also the grip is very consistent.

As you can see, the the style is super fresh. The colors rock and I love the big fat tongue. Also they used a nice glossy/vinyl material which looks great up close and far away. The more scuffable areas are a matt material that will not show wear as much, which is a very good design choice.

Overall: Buy them a little big, then impress everyone with your fly and functional sneaker game.

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Quick note:

I got the black/orange/cyan ones; it looks like the placement of the glossy synthetic material differs with the color options. One thing I would change is the patterned grey/black material that they use around the cuff...it's too busy; a solid color would have been better.