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Smart investment? I think not! Maybe worth $3.50, not $350.00.

So sorry to all you Burton lovers out there... but the speed zone system, doesn't seem quality AT ALL. I literally took the right boot out of the box, pulled the speed zone, and it didn't work. I thought it was me and thought maybe i don't know how to work this new gadget, but then I tried on the left and it pulled tight like it is supposed to. I wrested with the right boot and tried to make it work, but it just wouldn't snap tight... needless to say, I immediately got an RMA number and returned these bad boys. For the price and quality, I wasn't impressed because I'm not risking a powder day in the fate of a freakin boot. Imagine, being 11K feet up, read to descend, an epic canvas in front of you, and then your boot malfunctions and won't pull tight. Wow, can't even imagine it. All in all, i'm thinking Burton's quality has gone to shit, but still hopeful they'll bring the quality back. Maybe this is a sign that things shouldn't be made in China. This year, I bought the CUSTOM X WIDE 164 (which was made in Austria), and I'm really pulling for quality and performance here, but if i have any issues whatsoever, Burton will be dead to me, and I'll spread the word that the quality sucks. I'm a snowboarder of 19 years, lived in Aspen and Park City for quite awhile now, and have been through a lot of gear, so I know the feel and quality when I see it... all in all, i really like the ride of the boards, but I have broken several before. Hopefully this new board does the job and the company made a wise decision with producing boards in Austria, or I'm back to Ride, Lib Tech, and Never Summer. Good luck Burton! Seriously though, what's the deal with this piss poor quality in the boot? Maybe sacrifice some STEEZE for quality. I could really care less about a gold star on my boot or board, but I am more interested in performance in a blizzard! Give me a break! Jake, are you completely hands off the production of your products? I hope this message gets out. Best Regards!

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Dude get over your "epic canvas" self!! Any product has the possability of failure, and burton always stands behind their shit. I have been rocking these boots for model year, after model year and never had a problem with the lacing system. If your as rad as you make yourself sound, why are you payin for boots and boards anyway? These boots fit great, are stiffer than last years, and they brought back the plastic tounge stiffeners, if you are into that. Do not listen to Branon's bro brah blah blah, these boots rip.

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The speed zone system has always been finicky in my experience with it, but it's solid once you figure out how to use it. All you have to do is pull the laces tight into the cleats, they don't always take the first time, and I had a lot of trouble with them when I first started using them. However now, after 2 years with the system on the same pair of boots, they haven't failed on me once.

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"Brando" is reviewing a boot he didn't bother to ride. He wasn't even smart enough to figure out the lacing system that my 8 year old had down in 1 minute. What a joke. LOL

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I have an ion i believe from 2009 that has the same or at least similar lacing system. It worked perfectly fine in the beginning. But after a while the casing of the laces came of. It still sort of works but not great and the pressure is not evenly distributed anymore. So yes you might run into troubles with the lacing system even if brando's blather is obnoxious.