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Gear Review

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Soft, playful & stable

The Kink has been a go to deck for riders for since 2003. It has always been reliable for a soft deck that is playful and tons of fun in the terrain park. Ride has made a few updates to it to make it even more fun.

* Prorize rocker keeps you from catching your edges, makes pressing & buttering your board easier but is about half as much rocker as the Lowrize rocker used in other decks in the Ride lineup. The flat stable platform from the center of you board out to where the rocker starts gives you a stable platform to set up for rails & jumps and when you do want to point it down the mountain.

*85A slimewalls give you durability. Lets face it, you're probably going to slam this deck into rails, boxes, tree stumps, etc... The slimewalls is a polyurethane sidewall that flexes naturally with your deck for a better feeling under foot, but is also going to take those beatings against rails.

*Cleave Edge - When you slide down a metal rail, your edge heats up from the metal on metal friction. When you hop off the rail and your hot metal edge hits the snow it is vulnerable to cracking with the instant cooling. Cleave Edge is 50% thicker then your average metal edge and when this happens you have a better chance of riding away without a cracked edge.

*Extruded base that is durable and can survive the constant bashing against rails & boxes.

If you're a park rat, you're going to love this board. If you're a rider that just likes soft playful decks anywhere you ride, you'll love this board.