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Solid All-Mtn binding

The Contraband has turned some heads the past few years and has had a few changes over the last season and a few features that might be right up your alley.

* New Stealth highback - This new highback is playful and flexes torsionally from the top all the way down to the heel cup which gives you a much better feeling while you're turning and spinning. But when you want to lean against it hard for fast turns it is responsive.

* Cored out ankle strap - When it comes down to it there is more room when you move forward for the ankle strap giving you more play/forgiveness.

* V-Grip Strap - The idea behind the V-Strap isn't for speed, while it is easier to get in and out of then a traditional two strap binding, the idea is Less = More. The V-Strap isolates your big toe and holds it down. When your Big toe is held down your foot can't lift up. Then Ride provides medial/lateral support so your boot cannot slide out and you get the same performance with less parts. Sure, there was a little hiccup last year with some straps breaking. Ride figured out what the problem was and fixed it and over nighted replacement straps out to those that had issues so the didn't miss any riding time. But the problem has been solved and you don't need to worry about that.

* Wedgie footbeds - An old idea brought back a few years ago. Wedgies help line you back up as wide snowboard stances take you out of alignment. This puts less stress on your joints and your legs don't get as tired as you ride. Also gives you great leverage to pop ollies on your board, similar to how you would on a skateboard. This is great when you're riding those rocker/reverse camber decks that lack a little in the pop department.

If you're looking for a binding that can handle any part of the mountain and you like a medium flex to them, you'll love the Nitrane Contraband.