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Solid Splitboard, slow base though

I'm pretty happy with my solution, it's a really solid splitboard.

Advances, particularly in binding tech, have seen spitboards come a long way recently. Pair the solution with some karakorams (or sparks) and you've got a setup that rides almost as well as a solid board. The clips are also from karakoram and are much better than the old "chinese hooks" on most boards, although they can jiggle around a little outside the edge of the board in tour mode, so you wanna be careful not to bend them traversing close to the bottom of a rock or something.

My deck seems to have been cut pretty well, The two halves fit together very flush with no gaps down the entire length of the board.

If I had one gripe it would be that the base is "slow", it just doesn't feel as smooth as my other boards (e.g. burton malolo) which I have found makes me a bit slow on flat runouts compared to other boards. Maybe after a wax or two it will smooth out a bit.

I haven't ridden it in much less than bottomless powder (you gotta love japan!) and for this I definitely recommend using the rear most binding stance. I did negotiate some icy ridgelines though and it handles boilerplate just fine too, it's quite stiff.

Solid Splitboard, slow base though
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every split ive ridden has a slow base...its the metal edges in the middle

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Yeah, I was referring to the actual base itself, not the drag from the clips and inner edges. Dyour fingers along the bottom, the base just feels "rougher" than other boards I own/have owned.

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Hey richard, went down to my local shop and checked it out for myself...and checked out thir website, my guess is because it is recycled p-tex base, for environmenal reasons I think