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Gear Review

4 5

Solid backpack. Small pockets.

This backpack is definitely comfy to wear. They've put some nice padding on the shoulders so you're not digging into your arms all day long if you've got a decent amount of weight crammed in there. The colors are vibrant as well, which makes it a flashy (but not too pompous...) pack.

The side and to pockets leave a lot to be desired though. I typically carry a lot of stuff around so it was kind of annoying to have these dinky little pockets for a ton of extra stuff. The laptop pocket is useful though, it fits inside the main pocket underneath a sealed flap. This is a cool feature.

I use a lot of art supplies so the smaller side pockets were a bit crammed by the time I was done with it (the top flap is almost useless as well, it'll fit a camera or an ipod fine but beyond that I wouldn't bother with it...)

In all it's a solid backpack. Comfy and transports a decent amount of stuff. The side pockets are a little dainty but they still seal a decent amount of stuff as well. I'd probably but a more elaborate (one with more pockets) version if I could do it again...