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Son, I am dissapoint...

This jacket has so many awesome features that are not advertised that I might run out of words in this review.
However, the 2 in 1 design of this jacket is terrible. Sessions advertises this jacket as a 2-6 warms level(10 being a toaster) but it is terribly misleading.
level 2 is accurate. without the vest the jacket is just a rain coat that breathes. even thought the jacket has a lining it feels thin and very cold on your skin. this is with 45 seconds of exposure going from my office to my car.
The warmth of this jacket is absolute BS. With the vest on your chest won't go cold but your arms will freeze. we had 25 degree weather in Chicago yesterday(not that cold in my book for a warmth 6 jacket) and my arms could not be colder. warm on 6 on your chest and warm 2 in your arms does not make a warmth 6 jacket. It makes a youarmsareFingFreezing jacket.
If you don't mind not using your vest and using this as a spring jacket knock yourself out, it is a fully features awesome jacket. However as a 2 in 1 jacket this is absolute fail.

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Are you sure you didn't have the side vents opened, since I wore this jacket during the blizzard w. no problem. And have done numerous sessions with this jacket and have been toasty. Although the vest isn't much by itself, it's really about how you keep yourself layered.

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The vents were not open obviously. Wearing a jacket during a blizzard doesn't say anything about a jackets warmth, only about its waterproofing. You can have a blizzard at 33 degrees.

My complain is about the misdirection from the warmth rating. I bought a 686 Council jacket and used this whole last week in CO. It was much more versatile(temps ranging from 10F to 41F and 26inches of snow on the last 2 days). Like I said on my review the shell on it's own is good for spring, but the shell plus the vest does not make a good warm jacket for those long and windy lifts.

The smarty system on the Council is much better than what sessions offers with the turbine.