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Just got these yesterday. There's no snow here yet so I don't know how they ride, but just walking around in them in my living room, they feel comfortable. The lacing system is kinda tedious but my feet feel secure once they're on. Also, since this is only my second pair of boots, I'm wondering if it is common for boots with more flex to squeak when you walk, because these are pretty loud. A non-snowboarding friend suggested baby powder. Any other suggestions? Also my order didn't include any sort of warranty/manual paperwork. Can we fix this? The boots came with these little yellow boomerang-looking cushy things with what feels like the rough side of velcro on the other side. I assume they're for the inside of the boot to help with fitting but I'm not sure. Anybody know what they're for?

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The squeekyness will go away as they break in, also when they get wet on the outside from the snow. It does not affect how they perform. The warranty is a one year from date of purchase. If anything happens to them, just hit up the fine folks here and they will get you all set up. You don't need warranty paperwork. The "little yellow boomerand-lookingcushy things" are called J-bars. If you are getting any heal lift, take the liner out and you will see two soft velcro pieces on the inner lacing brace. They can just velcro in right there.