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Gear Review

5 5

Star player in my line-up.

I bought a set of the 2010 M9's last year -- I don't love anything more than my bindings.

Can't even tell you how great it is to push off the lift, slide your foot in and lock the backs without even stopping. I love turning around to see all my pals sitting on the ground, or fighting with their straps when I'm just ready to go, and waiting on them.

Their design provides for a little more weight than a traditional strap binding, however, you can counter this by going with a little more expensive model. Both the M11's and the NXT-ATSE's feature aluminum base-plates and siding. Much more durable, and much lighter than their other models. I'm picking up a set of NXT's next week for this exact reason.

As per Chaoz's post: be smart about your purchase. You can obviously tell from the image (when you use your eyes) that the top-strap is not true black. These are high-res images, and easily provide accurate colors. You can tell the strap is a little white-washed.

Closing, these bindings make getting in and starting the run completely effortless; they're quick, innovative and comfortable. Tons of flexibility and response. You'll feel solid, and once more, you'll look solid. Randoms will envy you, and your friends will hate you.

A must buy for any serious rider.