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Gear Review

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Steezy, but quality could be better...

First, the pros... these gloves look dope. The first day, I actually got a few compliments up on the hill from several shredders as we were all strapping in. When I capped the day off at the resort's watering hole, 1 bloke actually picked my gloves up off the bar, and asked where I got them, if he could try them on, etc. From a function standpoint, the Hoss has great flexibility and dexterity. Getting into my bindings, unzipping my pit vents, etc. was a breeze --- it didn't feel like I was wearing pillows on my hands.

The cons? After 1 hour of boarding, the graphics on the palm were peeling off... and not little bits here and there. Full "checkers" from the checkerboard pattern were literally falling off --- imagine putting a post-it note on a frozen plastic bottle of water, and you get the picture.

When I trekked up to a part of the resort where there was no lift, I carried my board all the way up. After a minute or so, my hands felt like they were on the verge of frostbite. It was as if I was holding snow in my bare hands. When I got home from the hill, I noticed that my gloves were holding a lot of water. The moisture didn't penetrate into the lining or anything, but they felt pretty heavy.

The long and short... great looking gloves, great "5 finger freedom", flimsy palm graphics, limited cold insulation, and expensive. I consider myself a huge Rome fan, but IMO, these just aren't worth the money.