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Stiff and responsive

I have owned this boot for two years now and am very happy with it. What I like most is how much I can customize the fit to my foot. Dialing in is very convenient and fast, besides the fact that I can change it while waiting in line at the lift. Moreover, there is an air pump that fills out all the remaining space between your ankle and the side of the shoe. I like my boot pretty stiff and this way I can ensure that. I have no problems with pressure points or chafing. I did take some time to break these boots in but that is probably true for all boots. I highly recommend these to anyone who is interested in the BOA lace system and a responsive stiff boot.

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Ordered these boot in 11.0 which i usually run a 10.5-11.0 size. they were small so beware that you may want to step up a half size. i am still waiting on my 11.5 to be shipped out.

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I bought a pair of 2009 at a LBS and found them to run large. I normally wear a 9.5 or 43 (9.5 is truly 43.5) but they felt quite big to me once I had the BOA tightened down in the toe box.

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I ran into the same problem with mine. I normally wear 10.5 shoes, so figures size 11 boots would fit fine with socks. Well, been breaking them in to get ready for this weekend and not very comfortable between foot and shin. Feel it diggin in a little. That's the last thing I want to deal with up on the mountain.

Tried loosening it up a little... anyone have any suggestions?

PS: Stupid me bought them at REI in the "used" section thinking I got a deal at $150. Plus being stupid enough to believe the sales guy who said they normally ran $300. Now I'm screwed since I can't return/exchange them.