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I have always heard good things about Circas but never had a pair. I decided to pick some up when I found them on super sale and I was surprisingly disappointed. There isn't thing I like about these shoes. First off, the ones I have are pretty ugly, given, this is my fault and I accepted the doodoo brown because of the sale(I mean 70% is sweet), but figured I would just wear them to skate in. They seemed fine at first, not really anything special but after a week the soles had packed out and they were uncomfortable to stand in for longer than an hour. Now the durability, so after they became uncomfortable I decided "Hey I'll just kill 'em skating they should last at least a semester." I longboard, this isn't near as hard on them as shortboarding. But these puppies came apart in a month, only skating once or twice a week. The sole melted away like butter and began to come apart from the upper. By this point I was done with them, so I just wore them on race days when I knew I would be foot breaking a lot and just burned em up. Long and short of it is, that I was fine for the price I paid, but would have been furious if i had paid anywhere near list price. I think I may give C1RCA one more chance though before I count them off.

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But, to their credit, they had some pretty bangin board feel.