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Freedomsuit -
I have been snowboarding for about 10 years and the freedom suit is by far the best piece of winter gear I have owned. Far superior than wearing separate pant / jacket - Think Gloves vs. Mitts..Mitts = +way warmer because of the pocket of air inside one compartment as oppose to several...

My only concern at first was that if the center waist zip breaks then your basically screwed. However, after trying it on and checking it out, the seams look to be quite well held together and the zippers are of good quality, so I don't think that will be an issue.

Although I have yet try it out on the slopes (still waiting for snow!) I can say that it looks and feels like it will completely seal out all the wetness and offer good warmth just by wearing sweats/long johns (light weight ++).

The front pockets may seem weird at first, but since they are located on the front of the thigh, your board-lock/wallet/candy etc. wont get crushed or stab you when you perch on the ski lifts!

The pass pocket is the front breast pocket with the Airblaster logo, which is actually just a flap that reveals a sealed plastic window - sick!

The hood is nice and deep and adjustable via draw cords - I can imagine being completely sealed inside the suit on the whiteout days and being 100% comfortable and without sacrificing mobility.

If you get too hot, the vents are nice and easy to open and will certainly cool ya down.

Finally, the center zip... The center zip is key! think about it - true onezie means taking the entire suit off to do your biz....not with the center zip though! One quick unzip and then blam! easy peasy.

All in all I believe that anyone who is serious about being absolutely comfortable, warm, and lightweight all at the same time, should definitely include the Airblaster 1 piece in their arsenal.

I cant wait to try this bad boy out - hurry up snow!

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Hi! I'm just wondering how cold is it where you live?
Can you only use sweats/long johns when it's up to -10 C degrees? (14 F)
I'm worried because it's just a shell..

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trinelise i'm from north jersey and was riding in this suit today with just under armor on underneath and i was a little cold going up the lift. of course you forget you're cold while riding down but the ride up absolutely sucked. when people say this is just a shell they mean it. it is not insulated at all so make sure you layer. but on the plus side, no more snow in the butt!

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vicki, what was the temperature?

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This is a follow up to the review I posted above.
The suit, like others have mentioned is of poor quality - Mostly based on the single stitch around most the seams and the poor stitch quality on the velcro patches. I wore the suit for a weekend in Mont Tremblent -by the end of the weekend I had a few split seams and missing velcro pieces. I was super stoked about this suit at first glance but after testing it out I realize I will be returning this product to dogfunk. - To the dogfunk staff, if you could help me out in this regard that would be great. Do i just send it in and then go to the return page and say that I have returned it?
Thank you!