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Sweet Teetys!!

I just got this boot. I was using thirty two before and yes i know they are considered the best. After my liner was coming apart halfway into the season I called up thirty two asking for new liners and they never responded. I sent two more emails to see if they might and still no word. Customer service for thirty two is pitiful. I was disappointed to say the least and turned my head to find a better company. Burton's boots are funky and mostly heavy. DC has some very sick boots that are skater-oriented which I found more pleasing than most brands.

I rode the DC Phase for the past season and now I'm stepping it up to the DC Rogan's. The phase are very good boots, intense heel hold. These bad boys dont have as much of a grip on ur heel specifically but more for your whole foot. You will find the liner to have a strap on the top as well as a pulling harness, focused from the tip of ur feet to the ankle part of your foot. It keeps your foot EXTREMELY locked into place. These boots have the strongest hold I've ever felt on a boot and they are somewhat stiff.

They are definitely stiffer than the DC Phase but they feel like they are easy to break in and aren't TOO stiff like some boots DC makes such as the Ceptors. I just can't ride stiff boots, they feel too hard to press and angle my legs out for me.

So all in all this boot is extremely solid. Well worth the money, they're worth every penny!!!

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Awesome boot ive had my 2009 boots for over a year now and Ive clocked around 200 days of riding in them. this boot can take jumps and rails with out question, over all long lasting,worth every buck I spent, and im getting the same pair again this year!.

NOTE : this boot is true to fit aka of ur a 10 get 10