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Sweet boots!!

I LOVE 32 LASHED!! Only thing though is they don't really last a long time if you ride aggressively and ride more than 50 days a winter... I got 250 days last year and went through 2 pairs of these boots. The first pair I got was in my regular shoe size, a 7. Those only lasted maybe 40 days, but they were so comfortable and the flex was perfect. Then for my second pair, I went down to 6.5 and got them heat molded. The fit was FANTASTIC after that, and this time, they lasted longer than 40 days. I wanna say 70 days so far, maybe?? They could still work, but I want a new pair because I love the pink... hahaha. SO BRIGHT in person!! I think this time I will go to a size 6 and get them heat molded again... maybe they will last even longer in that smaller size. The size 7 I had packed out pretty quick, so I'm sure going smaller would help with that issue. But other than that, super comfy and my feet were always warm (provided I wore the right socks for that day). My feet also never got wet, even when hiking in waist deep powder.