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Swimming in style—The VonZipper Fishbowl

The Fishbowl is Von Zipper's first foray into the oversized goggle trend and the result is a functional and stylish frame that provides huge peripheral, doesn't fog, and remains pressure-free all day long.

Obviously the first comparison everyone is going to make is against the EG2 from Electric. Having rocked both, I have decided to keep the Fishbowl because it fogs less and fits with my Protec helmet just a little more comfortably (although, I wasn't wearing it here). Also, I see a lot of EG2's out there now and seldom spot a fishbowl.

The chrome on my fire lens is dark enough where lifties can't see me rolling my eyes at them when they try to zap my pass repeatedly, but still light enough to have definition on party cloudy or cloudy days. I will probably purchase another clearer lens for night or extremely low-light days though.

I have been riding these all season and strongly recommend them.

Swimming in style—The VonZipper Fishbowl
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I got the yellow chrome lens for the cloudy days and it's awesome, my purple erkle goggles came with the astro chrome lens which is darker, it looks kind of like purple chrome. Love these goggles!