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Nothing compares. this board is the muh-f**kin SH*T! butter muffins like a crazed Chef, Stomps jibs like they owe ya money and kills everyone else on the mountain like St. Helens in 1980. Buy this board! It NEEDS to be in any true riders collection BUT BEWARE If its to good to be true it prolly is. In the case of this board, Ive been riding mine for less than a full month of days and My side wall behind my front bindings heel has started to D-LAM(E)! This is whack and requires sending my board back under warranty. Maybe I got a Lemon but my Advice is if you STOMP the mountain, spray gapers, huck flips, jump cliffs or all around ride with a death wish like me, this board is right for you, but probably wont hold up to your beatings and like your ex-girlfriend will break off your abusive relationship. just make sure you gotta few other boards to knock around if you ride hard all day everyday... :)

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Although I stand by this board as being the SH*T, BEWARE THERE ARE NO IMPACT PLATES IN THIS BOARD beneath the bindings, If you impact too hard, WHICH APPARENTLY CAN HAPPEN EVEN ON SNOW and D-LAM yur sidewall like I did, ROME WILL NOT REPLACE YOUR BOARD. THUS I RECOMMEND THE POSTERMANIA if you dont have the funds to buy a new board every three months.

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BUY THE POSTERMANIA INSTEAD, The Impact plates under the bindings on it will save you cash, unless you feel like sending your board in to NOT BE COVERED BY WARRANTY when normal wear n tear destroys your toy. This board is whack, Cause its too good to be true, it rides AMAZING, but cant take the heat, and dont count on rome to help out a fellow rider cause that Empire just wants your money....

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Good lookin out, Bryan. how much stiffer is the postermania?
I know the V stringers are shaped the opposite way of the Artifact, making it more flexy between the bindings. What number rating for flex would you give each board?