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TITAN TX 169cm TO RAPTOR X 169cm

I went from the Never Summer Titan TX Wide 169cm to the Never Summer Raptor X Wide 169cm. The Raptor is the Titan’s Replacement. The Ride is NIGHT & DAY DIFFERENT! The Titan was stiff, heavy and unyielding. Lots of edge lots of control at high speeds but that’s its only offering in comparison.The Raptor X is light, snappy, and pops out of holes, over moguls, and blasts through crud & crust. The board in powder was a whole new experience- for once I didn’t have to lean back, it rides way longer than it is. I had to keep from wheeling over with any speed I got in the powder till I got used to it. Staying center over the board I found was the key in powder. In other words, if you have ever surfed, it rides just like a surfboard in the powder. The whole shifting of your weight is minor to get the board to move in comparison to the old camber style. This board is super responsive yet forgiving. So many times I thought I might catch an edge landing switch or jibbing around but it just keep going and surprised the hell out of me. I feel this board will make you ride better especially if you've been riding for a lot of years. There is a 2 day learning curve and I recommend having a POW day and a groomer day. The feel is different especially if your a hard charger and like to ride fast and steep. Now that I have been riding it for almost a month, I have never felt like the board was gonna wash out from under me even at high speeds. Icy faces were sketchy at times due to the board easily being manipulated into a turn on a whim. (Maybe this is the washing out some say this new technology brings?) SO YES THE HYPE IS REAL! I will never go back to old skool camber.*Side Note*I was riding on this 45 degree slope on a POW day and I barrel rolled and got my tail stuck on this small tree and had to do this inverted pushup to spin off of it. I hit so hard I thought I had shredded the Carbonium topsheet. NO SIR! All I left was some sap and light scuff. This board is tough! Now the true test... SKIERS AND LIFT LINES-WATCH YOUR STICKS PLEASE!

TITAN TX 169cm TO RAPTOR X 169cm