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Gear Review

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SICK SICK SICK! I have the citron in size Med (more on that later). They may not be the most durable or most water proofed but what they lack in those areas, they more than make up in steeeez. I love pockets. two huge, baffled cargos, left side is zippered and has a velcro flap. Also has a mini pocket on the outside of the cargo one. Perfect for my cable lock. RT side has just the one big cargo with a velcro flap. The right pant leg has a calf pocket(velcro flap) that is perfect for a tool or a clif bar. Two more front zippered front pockets and two rear. Inseam as well as cross thigh vents. I rode on 60 degree temp days and those vents will cool you off fast! Never had a chance to test them on cold, wintery days but if they're not fine by themselves, adding a light wicking pant should be fine. I heat up pretty quick and never wear thermals anyways.

The best thing about the pants are the hem adjustments. I like my pants baggy and these really help. I'm 5'6" exactly and I'm sure I could fit the Smalls but the Meds offer the style that I like. Even with the Smalls there might be some pant drag anyways. Inside the inseam vents is a ribbon with buttons on them. If the pants are too long, just pull on the ribbon and button them higher. Allows for about a 3 in. adjustment. This of course only pulls on the inside cuff but for the outside of the pant, there's a button that you can pin to the pant gaiter. I have never seen this before but EVERY pant should have this. Saves from shredding your pants or them from getting dirty as you're stomping through the parking lot.

Some other tid bits: glove holder, micro fleece front pockets, micro fleece on the inside seat area. Nylon lining throughout. The citron is sick...super bright if that's what you want. The pix is pretty true to color.

The only thing that would make these pants maybe a tad better are seam sealed zippers and maybe a tad heavier weight material. My edges already put a small cut on my rt pant leg. But for $130, the pants are a STEAL!!!