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Gear Review

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The Near Perfect Pack

The Positive:
I have been riding with this pack for almost 2 years now (I have last years model, same pack in different colorways). It is just the right size to fit all my bc gear plus some extra goods such as approach gloves, food, hydration, and and extra midlayer top. Great for day trips in the backcountry4. The various pockets keep things organized and ready to go in a flash, which is very important in an emergency! The little fanny pack on the hip belt is super handy. They even thought to add elastic rings on the straps to keep them from dangling around. I'm 6'2" and this pack fits well, does a great job of supporting heavy loads.

The Negative:
The back panel has no ventilation at all which makes my back super hot (kinda odd as you would think venting isn't needed on a winter pack, but it is). There isn't much support to help the pack keep it's shape so the zipper on the back panel is a p.i.t.a. when you have everything synched tight. The fact that this pack does not keep it shape also makes it a MAJOR FAIL when packed with stuff (like an extra midlayer as well as your avy gear) and you attach a board to the vertical carry system as the stowed contents makes for an oddly shaped ill fitting back panel that will give you a major back ache while hiking!