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The Tweaker

The Forum Tramp has some of the most innovated boot technology available. The Tweaker side panel, is located on the interior of both boots. This material is softer and more flexible than the rest of the boot.

The Tweaker, has a level two liner, upgraded from last year. It also has the Good Vibes out sole. This sole is made up of 9 separate panels to give your feet optimal flex and feel.

Tweaker allows the rider to "Tweak" their grabs, presses and spins. No longer do you have to sacrifice support in your boots to properly poke your Indy nosebone. Your style will increase, your riding will increase, everything looks better with Tweaker

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I have the thirty two prospects and they give me calf bite so much that i just dont even tighten the top of the boot. I think i need something with more flex. should I get this tramp boot or the fastplant? I dont know what size I need either. I wear a 9.5 in 32 boots. please help!

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the fastplant is a more moderate to begginer boot the tramp is a great boot with some great flexing technology and whatever shoe size you are thats what size you get forums are 1:1 sizing