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Gear Review

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The best ride there is!

This is my first season and when I first started, I knew I loved it so I bought a used Evol board. It was ok but as I progressed, I wanted a board that would advance with me.

After a lot of research, I found Never Summer and ultimately the Infinity-R. My first choice was actually the Lotus because I thought it was prettier (I'm such a girl) but after reading more reviews, I read that the Infinity was a much more "forgiving" board. Not that I knew what that meant at the time...

So I got this one and it is WONDERFUL. I just learned how to do S-turns and I'm working on carving and this board makes it so much easier. When I turn, I rarely catch an edge or if I feel it about to catch, it's really easy to straighten out. It's lightweight, beautiful and I know with this board I'll be able to learn a lot with it. After my first time using the board, I progressed so much more on that day than I had the last 5 times I went. I now know what a "forgiving" board means - I can mess up and it's so easy to catch myself and be able to not fall on this board.

This is a board that I know I can keep progressing on and I recommend it to any girl looking for a really sweet ride.

Side note - I bought this board with 2009 Buton Lexa bindings and they go wonderfully together. Now my next step is to find an awesome outfit to match the board...

The best ride there is!