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They could be better!!

I have a hard time even giving them even 3 stars really. I don't understand why they are praised so much and maybe it's just me. I bought them only by recommendations of other people. The base-plate is nice, heel hoop sweet, ratchets and high-backs are awesome but there are a couple design flaws IMO. The toe straps suck and did not fit 3 different boots I own at all. They would slip no matter how much I cranked them. The plastic un-attached hoop of the toe cup doesn't really tighten to anything and should be smaller. Also the screws that retain the ladders and straps, if you run them loose enough to swing around they will eventually unscrew themselves from swinging your straps up and down. It happened to me after 3 days. I traded mine to a friend and sure wish they fit his toe's and he has better luck with them than me!! Oh and I won't write a review unless I have actually used a product in it's function. I read so many binding reviews talking about how they were on your carpet...blah! Take them to the hill or don't waste the time writing!!!

They could be better!!
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x2..Nothing special about these at all, sketchy toe cap and medium response at best.

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Yeah, the toe cap/strap is probably the worst part.You just have to play around with the adjustments. I had trouble fitting my 0809 ultralights to fit the toe cap but you just have to adjust them accordingly.
I personally never had problems with the screws. It's not a bad idea to check them after a day of riding.
I love the response from the high backs from them, and the cushion on the ankle straps.