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This Board Gives you Super Powers

I've been riding a K2 Brigade for a couple of years now and I just moved over to this board. After about 5 minutes on this beast, I was already in love. Absolutely effortless turns - carving was a total pleasure. On the groom, when I wanted to go fast, I did. I was cruising along at 40mph on this board and it felt like I was floating on a cloud. Another thing I loved was the fact that even where the skiers had turned a major portion of the slopes into mogels, this board excelled. Boards typically don't do so hot in a field of mogels but it was just so easy to whip around through them that I found myself looking for some to play on. The resort I was at on my first trip didn't have man features at all for jumps and tricks but I managed to get air pretty easy on the small features I did find. The board pops nicely and I can't wait to find the big features on my next trip.
The Magne-Traction is really subdued on this board but I could still feel its power. I found that when I wanted to explain to my friends how good this board feels, I couldn't quiet find the words to describe what it was doing for me. I had probably the best technical day of my snowboarding history the first day I road this board.

This Board Gives you Super Powers