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Toe Strap be ware

Great looking binding, a little stiffer than I thought it would be but still good. I've been riding this binding for 4 days now and the toe strap is no bueno. I wear Ride Strapper Keeper boots and the toe strap just doesn't fit well at all. The shape of the toe strap just looks like it won't work. The bottom of the strap really doesn't contact my boot so the pressure is mostly on the toe and not the front of my boot. I rode Burton Triads previously which the toes strap is absolutely perfect. I really like these bindings so I'll probably end up putting Burton cap straps on them to make them work like they should.

You should try this binding out in the shop to make sure the toe strap will work with your binding. This is the first pair of Union's Ive owned. Its shocking that they don't have a better fitting toes strap that would work with just about every boot. After buying I've now seen more reviews about how bad the toe strap is for others.

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You should tighten down your strap over night and the toe-cap will mold to your boot.