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Touch the sky(light)

I got the Skylight last spring before it was officially released, so I've had a good bit of time to put it to the test. Fit-wise, it's a big goggle, similar to the Electric EG2, but it sits close to your face so you can actually wear it with a helmet. I wear a Bern Watts and the Skylight fits fine, a little low across the nose but not uncomfortably so. Overall vision quality is amazing. Super wide peripheral in all directions, and the lens is actually manufactured by Oakley so there's zero distortion. Fogging was never a problem for me. I'm not going to say it didn't happen, but the large lens and top vents cleared it up quickly, even on powder days and when hiking. The strap is easy to adjust, and has the sticky silicone strip that keeps it in place on a helmet without a clip. That might seem trivial, but I can't stand goggles that don't have it. My only issue with the Skylight at all would be the face foam, which is comfortable but seems a bit thin. So far it has been fine but I'm wondering how it will feel after a full season. My pair is a sample, though, and I was told the production version would have new, denser foam (UPDATE: just picked up a new pair and it does have better foam). Despite that small complaint, this is an awesome goggle and I'll be rocking it for sure this year.

Touch the sky(light)