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Volcom dropped the ball on this one...almost tragic...

I bought this suit, because A: I own a ton of volcom gear and like it...and B: I bought a Volcom Stone Suit back in 2009 for the exact same price and it fits, feels, and looks like a fitted suit at least 2 to 3 times it's price.

This Dapper Suit however, is sadly not even half the suit the Stone Suit is from 2009...I say that with great reluctance because I have never been let down by Volcom gear before, but this suit's build quality is simply subpar.

Pros: The slacks are the nicest part of the suit, although a bit thin, and somewhat questionable button/clasp they fit excellent and look great. Fit of the suit is similar to the Stone Suit; which is superb.

Cons: Overall quality of material, and assembly is POOR. The material is noticeably WAY WAY thinner and dinky than the Stone Suit. All the seams seem low quality. The liner is rougher and thinner. The Front Jacket Pockets are FAKE and sewn shut. New there was loose threads. The jacket is lighter, thinner, much more poorly constructed, and over-all just shitty compared to the stone suit jacket. Even the suit bag/cover it comes in is WAY WAY lower quality than the stone suit's. This one is thinner and the zipper literally broke off the second time I went to zip it up. Upon trying to fix it the entire zipper fabric began to unravel at the seems. Whole thing pretty much fell apart right away.

Style: I like the slacks...the Jacket however I have a few problems with. First off there's a freaking gold chain sewn into the back instead of a fabric loop to hang it on....I dislike this...it screams "I sell used cars, and want to date your daughter". Second issue is they literally sewed VOLCOM in big black letters above the fake front pocket. Now, I don't mind the small volcom symbol on the pant leg, but the GIANT LETTERS on the jacket itself is rather unprofessional looking... after-all this is a "suit" not a t-shirt...logo's need to be restrained if featured AT ALL on the outside of a suit.

Conclusion: I would STRONGLY suggest to not buy this suit. I would pay double for a Volcom Stone Suit before paying to get this Dapper suit. This suit fits me like a glove (6 foot 3, 190lbs, Large fits perfect) and it's about to be the first volcom product I return to Dogfunk for a refund due to it being shitty.

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Disregarding the quality of the suit, the pockets on most suits are sewn shut on purpose. All you need to do is take scissors and cut them open or use a small knife like an exacto (sp?) knife. Most suit bags are also not intended for use beyond the initial delivery.

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Yeah what geoff said. All the loose threads are loose for a reason. The pockets and the tail things on the back of the coat are sewn down so that the suit lays more flat during shipping. Cut the threads and enjoy the pockets.