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Warm, Snug, and Pretty Water Proof

I bought this about 3 months ago from the Burton store here in LA. I was going to Mammoth the next day and wanted a new hood. It was a great purchase which is something I'm normally a little hesitant saying for paying full retail. The simplistic design is nice and the fact that the sewing pattern along the back isn't symmetrical makes it stand out. Like the review by Hard MF I agree it's light weight but is surprisingly warmer then some heavier sweaters I have. The nice mesh material on the outside kept the sweater from getting soaked on warmer days when I've used it for snowboarding. The material on the inside will start warming you up almost in a minute which is nice and the outside material helps block a lot of wind (but not completely wind proof). Even the pocket uses the warm material on the inside to keep your hands warm. The hood is much wider then other hoods I have. This extra space is really helpful when I have my snow gear on. It's not so big that it looks ridicules but it certainly particle. The last thing I love about this hood is the kangaroo zip up pocket. It's again super useful and great to just throw your wallet or keys in till you get to your car. I wouldn't use hoodie in tempatures Below 40-45 even if your working up a sweat. Your just looking to freeze. Worth the extra premium for all the little things this hoodie does right.

Warm, Snug, and Pretty Water Proof
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Image is a "Burton Totem Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt Chinese Red" compared to a "Billabong Scotty Lago Jacket in Burgundy"