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Warning...Severely dope jacket

I have ridden volcom for 3 years now, and I don't see any reason to stop. This jacket is warm (for a shell) due to it's heavier bamboo weave construction. I doubt it will make a great spring jacket, due to the weight, but if you like to layer for the colder months, great buy. I like the fact that it's a wee bit kinder to the environment, and you can tell that cute snow bunny that you're just "doing your part to save our planet". Great fit too, I wear a XXL, and this jacket fits like a XXL should.

Two problems:
for a XXL, the sleeves should be just a little longer (I realize that some tall people might want to buy a XXL for the length, and the fat guys (such as myself) aren't the only people rockin' xxls.

If you live in an area that tends to deal with wetter weather (northwest, New England (me)), this jacket's material might not cut it. In the rain, water tends to stick to the jacket. You can wipe the water off, or shake it off (like a dog) but it doesn't bead off like most materials. But the water never ever seeps into the jacket, keeping you dry.

Bottom line:
This jacket is sick, comfy, and volcom is the dopest company out.