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Webbing Breaks the Binding

I had 3 pairs of the Nitrane Contrabands and each time the webbing broke the plastic that hold the toe down. It's a poor design because the webbing cuts into the plastic instead of forming around it; therefore after you bend the plastic back and forth from putting the binding on, it creates a weak spot at every place the webbing wraps around the plastic until it breaks off and you have to wait for a new pair of bindings to come...

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Yep, this happened to me too.

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are you sure you guys have all the adjustments set correct? the middile strap should go straight down the toe of the boot without any bend or angle. i have had these for a while and there awesome!

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i have been riding contraband bindings for 2 years and i did have it break one time..... Ride emediately sent me brand new v straps and they have not broke sence.... i ride everyday for atleast 9 hours a day.... i love these bindings not because of the easy in and out its more for the flex and and real comfy fit...... i recommend this binding to anyone what is looking for something new.