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Who needs two straps?

I was lucky enough to finish out my 2009 season on a pair of Nitrane bindings last season. As far as I'm concerned, this is the only set of bindings that I need for the 2010 season.

Compared to the regular Contraband binding the Nitrane has:

* Taller, slightly stiffer highback
* Adjustable Ankle Strap
* New V-Grip Strap
* Wedgie footbeds

The new highback is great, because it's not super stiff like the Alpha or CAD, but it's definitely responsive and drives when you need to but is still playful when you want it to be.

The Ankle strap is great, you'll find it on the CAD binder as well. I rode the Nitrane with the RFL boot and man were those boots stiff to start out. So I adjusted the Ankle strap on the Nitrane to be as soft as possible to balance that out. As the RFL started to break down and soften up, I started to stiffen the ankle strap up to keep the flex right where I liked it.

I didn't notice any huge differences with the V-Grip compared to the regular V-Strap. They both do exactly what you want them to do, hold your boot down and in place in the tray. I never experienced any issues with the strap moving or my boots moving at all.

Wedgie Footbeds, to clarify... the new contraband has these as well... I meant compared to the 08/09 model. I've had some knee problems the past few seasons. Had to have a lateral release, cartilage cleanup and a plica removed from my left knee. I also tore the meniscus in my right knee a couple of seasons back.

The wedgie beds saved my knees last season.. I ended up using the 4.0 bed on my front binding and the 2.5 on my rear. The angles took enough stress off my knees that they didn't ache, didn't tire so quickly and allowed me to ride the entire day without any problems. Everyone can benefit from these wedgie beds, not just those of us with bum knees. Check out the video Ride did and you'll see why that is.


With how adjustable and reliable this binding is, I will be riding it on all of my decks for 2010.

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hey, great review... i was thinking of switching from 09 burton triads to these for this season... i think the obvious question people who have never tried these have is one that concerns the security your boot will have inside the binding, especially if you tend to ride hard, take big tables/kickers, or are constantly jibbing and bonking which in turn will add some abuse to your bindings... i want to be sure there is no jostling about of the boot whether i'm just cruising, i'm jibbing, i'm jumping, or i'm charging... my big fear is my boot slipping out when doing some tree tailtaps or during big landings... my other concern is one of comfort in the toestrap... no pressure points at all? is it more an "empty" feeling if you get what i mean (like you don't feel a toe strap at all)? i know people were saying last year's model was great as a park or urban or jib setup... do you think this year's will be good for all mountain riding on top of being a good quick park binding? thanks for the help...

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Hey Streblo,

Thanks, to answer your question take a look at the three pictures I just uploaded. There is a new piece on the outside of the Nitrane that you won't see in any of the pictures online. It's a slight extension that has been riveted in to guarantee that your boot cannot slip out of the outer part of the tray.

Also, notice the adjustments on the bottom of the tray. There are several that allow you to extend the strap over your boot and widen or make the fit of the V-strap narrower. So not matter what the volume of your boot, you can secure it in place without having to worry. The whole idea behind the V-strap is that if you hold the big toe down, you hold the boot down.

Place your foot flat on the ground, then just kind of tap it like you're keeping the beat to a song. You should notice that you're big toe is the first part of your foot that will touch the top of your shoe. Take the heel of your other shoe and just place it gently over the big toe of the one you were tapping (you don't have to put much pressure at all) Now try to tap your foot again. You shouldn't be able to lift that foot up now and that is what the V-Strap is going to do for you while you're riding.

I spent 5 months on this binding last season and rode it everywhere. It is not just a quick park binding at all... you get great performance all over the mountain in any condition.

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i prolly wont get back on to read this so if you could jus email me an answer thatd be great!!! .....lilspeed_demon009@yahoo.com.... i jus got a pair of dc phases and wanted to no if this boot will work well with this binding btw great review it really helped my decision on this binding this will help even more

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In case you do come back (I did email this to you as well).

Yes they will work very well with the Phase boots. The only thing that I would suggest is that if you’re a size 9, go with the 9-11 and if you’re an 11 go with the 11-13. DC boots have a bit more bulk to them in the shell and with the sizing ride uses it can create some hot or pinch spots from maxing out the straps if you’re in the middle of two sizes. Other than that you should be good to go.