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Yeah, no...

These headphones worked, however they're definitely the most fragile piece of $70 equipment you'll be using every day.

I've bought three of these over time. All of them have broken. And all of them have cost me upwards of 80 bucks (cause "back in the day" they cost more).

The bass was okay. But the line in AA-Battery powered bass control was a pain in the ass.

After the third pair I switched to WeSC. Have had the same pair of WeSCs for about 6 years, they've been around the world twice with me, and I couldn't be happier.

Would recommend if you were only going to use this at home, casually, and only if you had rechargeable batteries :P. I was a commuter so they saw extensive use. I'm assuming if they weren't used as heavy, they'd be fine.

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Dude you bought all of them because you didn't read the warranty. live time warranty
now go and read the warranty

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Why do I have to waste my time utilizing a limited-lifetime warranty (keyword LIMITED) over and over again when I could just go ahead and purchase a superior product? Spent money or not, the fact is that these headphones are too fragile for a commuter lifestyle and are therefore not worth your money if you were to use them as such.