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bad idea

Super pow day this spring in tahoe and i my boots got left in my locker @ kirkwood. well i me and crew where going to squaw so i needed to barrow a pair. My buddy threw me these boots and said if you like you can keep them.(red flag). The thing if you try hike or ride balls deep pow the straps don't mix with the snow. They freeze and don't stay tight.

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park spec boot + pow riding = fail

rookie mistake

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my man, stop talking like a complete idiot and actually read what the boots are for. jib, park, etc. and they are superb for that. powder not so much since they arent made for it. rookie.

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you cats are muppets, you should be able to ride any gear in any situation. would you rock different boots depending on the snow? a bigger board in pow yes but diffrent boots just makes you a wierdo.

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not sure what exactly was wrong with your pair but mine kicked ass in powder as well as park. these are soft boots so you might be used to more support. my velcro never let up.

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Use boot gators brah. They truly come in handy