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bad service, not impressed

Terrible customer service here. Won't be ordering from dog funk again. Was told which jacket to order specifically from online chat and was sent the wrong one. Had to pay 50 dollars shipping and 40 dollar brokerage fee(to canada). Sent the jacket back and was told the new right one would be sent in 2 days. 2 Weeks later, still no jacket. When contacted I was told it should be here soon and that a shipping email was sent. 3 weeks later still no shipping email or jacket and was told the jacket I wanted was not in stock anymore when it was still on the website. Asked for refund and was not able to get shipping refund so I paid an extra 90 dollars for nothing when i was sent the wrong jacket by dog funk. When I asked if shipping could be refunded and explained my situation through online chat (5th time speaking to someone, told wrong information by every single one) all he said was sorry for the confusion. No, I'm not the one confused, there are just idiots working here that don't know what's going on.

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Taylor I am totally sorry to hear this...why don't you phone em up and speak with a custy service rep? I personally have never had a problem with this company and I know your experience has totally pushed you away from dealing with df.
I can't say what will be the outcome or what they can do to rectify this situation, I do know however, the people here are really cool. They want your business and your support and will bend over backwards to help.

Do not live chat for this! Phone in and TALK with someone! Point them to this thread, and be nice :) Losing 90$ is sucky for real, but please don't think they won't do what they can to help you out.

And just a heads up...shipping up here, use tariff included. Also, quit ordering from the sales page. Phone in and get a gear rep. Make a connection, and a friend. You never know what kind of radness they will hook you up with! *wink*