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Gear Review

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best board built

this is my favorite board out there... this board combines all of my favorite riding boards from my past years riding and puts them into one... the rook is a super fun board.... it is a full twin board with a new base that is super fast for all of those 80 footers... they also put in these panels called ballistic impact panels under foot... this creates a much stronger under foot connection with the board... this board has a zero camber which, if you read my review of the T1, basically gives this board the best of both worlds... one world being a world full of super soft, flexible and fun buttery boards and the other a really charging snappy aggressive park board world... its also a mid wide... so its not twitchy when you land a little funny.... the side cut is the best thing on this board... its a dual degressive, this means that the board rides the same left or right foot forward but in the middle of all of your turns it can really get after it... which is real necessary for all the pipe junkies out there... this board has it all and will make you love snowboarding all over again... oh yeah, and dont forget the two year warranty!!!!!