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comfortabe, but toe collapsed and crease

Very comfortable boots, reliable and really speed lace system, warm (when not wet, see below) and responsive (when now broken).

Two quite important issues (and their consequences) force me to put 3 stars and think of putting 2....

1. on the first week of ride the structure of the outer boot got creased at the toe area, see the picture. It happened both to mine Imperials, and to ones of a friend of mine. A similar situation was also reported in an other review. So, the boot lost a part of its stiffnes before one weeks of ridding!!!

2. After about three weeks on the mountain the toe of my right boot collapsed exactly as descrided in another review here. The left one is ok, but the rigth one is completely out of order!

As a minor issue (probably connected to the previous ones) I must say that the boots get SO EASILY wet on a warm day, that after just two or three hours on the slopes it is not possibe to ride them anymore - you feel yourself like beiing in a pool rather then a slope =((

I also agree with an earlier remark regarding the boot having ALOT of room in the toe box, both side to side and up and down. It irritates me a lot, but seems to have no practical effect =)

Only hope that theese issues are resolved in 2013 year model.

comfortabe, but toe collapsed and crease
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I owned the 2011 version of these boots and had the same problem. The toe was terribly designed. Not just a cosmetic issue, I felt it forced me to work harder to get into my turns. However I sent them in for warranty and got the 2013 versions. Complete redesign of the toebox and no issues.

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warranty??? why didn't I think about it? =(
I just returned it to BC and had to pay some $40 extra for the 2013 model

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I was thinking about getting these boots but do you know if they fixed the issue on the 2013 models? Thanks

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Dear Thomas, I used the 2013 model for about two weeks in the Alpes. The first impression is that they did fix the issue.