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Gear Review

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cool color... but not recommended for wide feet

Type words.I got the circuit boas and the dc judge core this year.
i like how the circuit boa fit and tighten. my feet specially my toes were quite comfortable in 'em. they were just a bit too stiff for me on every day riding. Although they were great on powder days when you really need control. I also found the liners to be very hard at first but softens after a bit. They fit pretty nice and comfy after heat molding it. the dc judge core were, in comparison, medium in flex, which was forgiving enough on any type of riding. The fit was a bit too tight for me on the forefoot and also the top of my foot. I guess they are meant for regular to slim footed riders. the judge's liners were a bit softer feeling inside overall. side by side, the dc's had a smaller food bed compared to the thirtytwo's. Despite of this, the circuit boas were still a bit lighter somehow. Also, i think the circuit's wrap lacing is less susceptible to board edge cutting of wires since they are on the sides and not on the top of the foot . Over all, i like the circuits a lot better, if only they were a bit softer in flex. The judge's would have been great specially the flex, but were just too tight on the forefoot and top area. i also noticed a crumpled/bent area in the lateral aspect of the ankle articulation part where the mid-lateral boa retainer is located.