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Gear Review

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don't JUDGE the book by it's cover

BOA lace system makes sense! But if you're getting a pair, it makes more sense to get a double BOA and this is the boot to go for. It's got a good cushion which makes it comfortable and with the adjustment freedom that you have with these pairs, you can use it for All Mountain or Park. If you want more control, you can tighten up the upper zone or loosen it up to make it less stiff. I LOVE THESE BOOT!!! The one and only dissapointment I have is the design. Like the 2009 model, The Black and White/Armor version is just too plain looking. Although the Black/Lapis version has a little bit of color, it's still not at par. At least not to me personally. It just looks cheap. But hey, the performance isn't based on the design. These boots are one of the best pairs ever made. I love the 2008 design and I wish DC kept it that way if they couldn't make it any better. I received a lot of compliments on them when I had it. Oh, I was rockin' it! So if you don't care about the look (since the boot will be covered up with your pants anyway), and you want a good performing and comfortable boot, get these!!! By the way, BOA claims that the laces are stronger than a tank armor and to back up that claim, they guarantee the reel and laces for the lifetime of the product. All you have to do is go to their website and proceed with the process.