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easy riding that doesn't fail to perform

I have ridden Gnu/ Lib boards for the better part of my 18+ years of riding - specifically the B-Street for the last two. While I LOVED the B-Street, I never found it to really break in or flex smoothly, even after 180 days on it. I am small and have always had difficulty "breaking in" boards, boots, bindings, etc., so I decided to go with softer everything for a change this year. The B-Street was my friend from the first moment I rode it. It just felt smooth and comfortable. As a huge fan of the BTX technology, and being "used to" the B-Street, the B-Nice is everything the B-Street was, but "nicer." It makes riding EVERYTHING easier, and instructing (i.e. riding slowly with many edge changes, butters, transitions, switch, etc.) a breeze. If you're looking for an easy-riding but responsive board that holds up under a bit of a push, this is your board.

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Picked this up for my wife, who's fairly new, and unsure where the centered position to mount her bindings are on the board. It seems most boards identify the notches, but I did not see it for this board. Suggestions?

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I've never seen a board with notches to mark where to put your bindings for it to be centered. The centered position of the binding will vary based on how wide you want your stance. If you want it centered you need to measure from the binding to the nose and the binding to the tail and make sure they are the same distance. I'd probably just take a tape measure and experiment with moving the bindings around, seeing what stance width is comfortable for her. Also, youtube's got a bunch of tutorials on how to figure your stance out, etc.