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Ordered the Hi-Yellow for a trip to Snowbird/Alta to find out there was moisture in between the lens which froze/fogged up in the -9 weather making it seem like i was skiing in a cloud

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Exact same thing happened to 2 H.I. Yellow lenses I've had. The optics are awesome so I purchased the lens a second time after the first one failed. Same moisture/fogging issues with the second lens despite leaving them out to dry whenever I use them. Furthermore, moisture condensed on the inside of the goggle after about 10 minutes of normal use and when I tried to blot it with a clean goggle bag, it scratched the inside lens like sandpaper.
I have a persimmon A-Frame lens that I've used for many seasons and they've never had any issues with fogging or moisture.

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How is the Clarity /Intensity of the Persimmon versus the HI Yellow in low light conditions? I had the HI Yellow and had the same fogging issues with the first set that I received and need to order a replacement. It doesn't seem like the HI yellow is the way to go

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dont EVER touch the inside of your goggles while moist. Go to a bathroom and find one of those hand driers. Put your goggles underneath and go to town. Best way to go. If none around....buy the airbrakes and have multiple lenses or bring multiple pairs of goggles. Fog, my arch nemesis....hence why I went with the Oakley Airbrakes and they are AWESOME> fog, immediately gone once you start snowboarding/skiing after sitting in a gondola or on the chair.

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I don't know what you guys are crashing into because I have found no fogging or icing problems ever with Oakley A, O, Wisdom, or Crowbar googles. I have all different lenses and I use the HI Yellow most of the time when it's dumpimg or overcast- I am not a fair weather skier- I like it awful- it keeps the crowd down. Use the Blue and Emerald iridium for party sunny days and the black iridiums for spring full sun days. Follow the instructions for dabbing up moisture on the inside after a fall and you won't have any problems. They clear up quickly if they do fog slightly (because you are breathing so hard!) after a turn or two- need airflow if they retain moisture. I did have a pair arrive without a foam piece and couldn't figure out on a huge powder day why they kept filling up with snow- sent them back and were quickly replaced NO CHARGE. Oakley- best optics in the goggle world and I wouldn't use anything. Looking to replace a few older lenses with fire or gold- look pretty cool.