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i am in love.

I was worried when i ordered this board. Having been on a TRS BTX for the past 2.5 seasons I thoguht it might be too soft, alas, i was wrong. So playfull and buttery, still great pop, and still great at speed (though you do need to be a bit more agressive).

The good...
great all around board... Im by no means a park rat, infact i love big mountain/powder/trees more than anything. And this board is great! I am riding the 159w, wich is a bit more than i'd prob need, being 6'1"/200lb/10.5, but that size means i can carve, ride powder, burn down the goomers, and then head to the park all without changing my setup one bit!

The bad...
the lack of a all-encompasing rail is bullshit. check out the pic if you dont believe me... thats what happend to my old trs on a low-speed toeside turn. a full rail would have probably saved it. and this skatebanana has the same shortcomming. All in all a great board, awsome performane, I'd reccomend to anyone, but libtech, if u can hear me... PUT A RAIL RIGHT AROUND THE GODDAM BOARD! METAL IS STRONGER THAN PLASTIC!

The ugly...
me, cause i aint got no alabi.

well thats my rant done. bottom line, buy this board. its fun with a capital awsome.

i am in love.
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Yeah, this is exactly what happened to me. The board is amazing, every single jib trick you've ever wanted to learn is child's play on this thing. But unlike most boards it's edge doesn't go all the way around the nose and tail, so once you get the slightest cut, you've got about 3 days till the board is a piece of crap. No you can't get it fixed, and no they won't give you a refund. I don't care about the extra 3 grams of weight, just put a freakin edge on this thing!