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the blackhawk binding was designed for the 100 day a year rider.. this binding can hold up to the most unbelievable amounts of punishment that you can throw at it... it has a nylon baseplate with an aluminum heel cup... this allows for an adjustable heel cup for more size options and a more powerful toe to heel response without the super stiff feel side to side... this binding has a super thick, control cut, ankle strap that provides the ultimate support and response and a revert toe strap to ride any place on your toe you want... the highback is an asymmetrical highback with a ton of support... this means that each highback is designed for each leg to fit more precisely... it also comes with a canted foot bed to help with knee fatigue... this binding is the binding of all bindings... so if you keep breaking binders and cant find one to hold up to your level of riding, give this bad boy a try...

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I have to say ive found my blackhawks have disintergrated super quickly! ive ridden them about 50-60 days and have gone through about 12 highback bolts as they keep falling out for no reason, even after being nut-tighted in, all the ratchets have broken atleast once, all the straps have frayed and have the plastic from the inside poking through the fabric and on the right binding the whole buckle is pulling out of the ankle strap.
On the plus they are very comfortable and work well, so if u dont mind buying a new pair of bindings twice a season theyre great!

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I got to agree with anon, for the money these bindings pretty much suck. I think that about most bindings though. I want bindings with shimano ratchet, all aluminum with nylon bushings for flex, and a nike air footbed!