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love this board!

I love this board! I've been riding for a long time (10+ years) and I'd consider myself an intermediate/advanced rider. Have always riden a "classic" board (ie. camber) until the recent craze of "rocker". Was it all hype? I had to try. The first year, I bought a Feelgood V-Rocker (148). Aside from riding pow, I hated this board. No control at all on groomers and steeps, you really have to adjust to no edges after riding camber for so long. Probably a great board for beginners, since you will probably never catch an edge but at the same time, you lose a lot of control. The board is really fun in pow but i'd go as far as saying, any board is fun in pow! Live for Pow!
Ok, so next year, Burton comes out with "Flying-V"- and that's when I decided to try out the Lipstick Flying-V.
OMG, I love this board! It is floaty but yet you still have control (albeit not as much control as a camber/classic board)- but once you get use to how much control and looseness there is, this board rules- its really a good balance between rocker and camber. I've riden the board in about 2-3' of fresh pow too and the board floats like its a 150 (I ride a 141!)- this might have something to do with the scoop nose- it really stayed on top without much leaning back.
I've also progressed a lot on jibs with this board- boxes, rails, banks- for whatever reason, the board is very forgiving on jibs and jumps which in turn has raised my confidence level and i'm just having so much fun on this board!
I've owned a lot of boards over the years (burton, gnu, rome, smokin, roxy) but I have to say, hands down this is my favorite all time board! I'm considering getting a slightly longer one for those extra deep pow days.
If you're looking for a board that can do it all, i'd highly recommend this one!

love this board!