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murdered :P a.k.a dredrum

Alright 1st off kool name for these gogglesThese goggles are no lie when it come to vision, comfort,style and profile. you can see very well out of them id give them about 160-170 degree angle of view and about a 10-15% increase on angle of veiw when compared the anon realm goggles. its really a huge diffrence when there on your face. these dredrums specific hawkeyes are preety rad looks wise as they are a some what small profile id say about 5% maybe 7% smaller then the realm'sbut still maintaing a good amount of body on the goggles.The lens is fairly dark(duh its black) and i noticed as well anon has improved on the "anti fog". for example last year at abut -15 C at about an alt. of 4000 feet A.S.L the realms starting fogging with heavy breathing the hawkeyes did not a big plus :Dthe style of these gogg's i found fit my head a bit more natural then the realm's that's more of a personal preference but something i noticed. all in all i give these goggles a wicked 10 out of 10i havent found any cons in these goggles since ive got them also a plus

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wow dude! These things most rock. Normal human field of view is around 98-100 degrees so something pushing 160-170 must be nuts. Kinda like being inside a fish bowl?

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i think oyu misunderstood what i was saying from side to side in a google is 180 degrees im talking about goggles vision side to side not my eyeball think about it.

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I can actually see 186 degrees, tested it in my physiology course at University