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near perfect glove for park

i'll state up front that i'm not a burton hater but i do criticize their pricing in relation to their quality (in fact, despite the current economic climate, burton has actually increased the price of most of their products without adding any improvements to them other than color changes = SUPER LAME)... i believe that with most of their products you can get better quality and style for the same price if you go to a different brand... that said, i love these gloves (and i've been through my fair share of gloves from all different brands)... i usually get about a season's worth of riding from a pair of gloves so i expect to buy a new pair each year... my review is based on this experience... the AK Techs definitely stood up to a year's worth of park riding and hardly show any palm or fingertip wear (quite a good sign)... they are super light yet are relatively warm, especially if you wear liner gloves underneath like the thin ones UnderArmour makes... plus they had a zipper instead of velcro which i make a point to look for so i can avoid velcro snag... my only fear about these was the lack of a waterproof insert (again, any company other than burton would have put a waterproof insert into a glove in this price range)... the fact that burton chose not to yet still insisted on charging $60 and slapping the AK name on them is a little upsetting... but surprisingly, the waterproofness with just the waterproof treating they put on the outer held up considerably nice throughout the year (that is until spring when they started letting in water)... still, they were surprisingly good gloves for me... i'll be trying Drop brand gloves this year but actually would not have a problem getting these again... (for a similarly priced and similarly styled but better performing glove WITH a waterproof insert, check out Dakine's Bronco glove)