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no thanks...

Went through two pairs of these last season. Both broke within two weeks and not because of spills. These aren't about quality or durability. Hell my ears even hurt at the end of the day from lack of comfort. If you buy these, get some duct tape. I ride 100 days every year and these simply dont cut it. For shame cause they do have some steez but thats it.

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here's a tip doucher, try landing on your feet...these headphones are doper than dope...buy em and dont fall

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Write your comment here...Here's a tip for you loser. Read the reviews and they'll tell ya that your the dope. Dope.

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"buy em and dont fall." Honestly... Who is snowboarding and trying new tricks and not falling? Falling is part of snowboarding and so are headphones. If the headphones aren't up for it then you shouldn't be riding park with them in the first place. Skullcandy has a rap for crappy headphones. The only reason people buy skullcandy is cause (like me) the awesome warrenty for a life time of free headphones. B. Because they look cool and don't care that they sound like crap (most people cant tell anyways so who cares). Or C. they are like who and are total posers who think they are the shit by wearing them when really ur the dude sitting at the top of the park watchin everyone else go and only judging instead of joinin.