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skate banana

I rode my skate banana for the first time this past weekend. I've been snowboarding for a long time, and have ridden various different boards. Nothing compares to this board. The edge hold is un-real. The only think I can relate it to is like having a really sharp pair of ice skates. The carving power this board has is unbelievable.

As for the reverse camber, its not as much of a difference as I thought it would be while riding. However, the flex is buttery, the reverse camber really allows for a different type of flex, a softer flex in the center. The nose and the tail have MASSIVE amount of pops, and are a bit stiffer.

The reverse camber plays a significant role when riding switch, for me at least. Its super easy to initiate turns, where as on a traditional camber board, riding switch often seems to require more aggressive movement while carving, etc.

Absolutely a MUST BUY board!!! And I've ridden it once! hahaha.

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Although the sakte banana is true twin that helps with switch, the "turn initiation" is prolly more due to the banana's pre-flex into the carve shape. It has been described as "power steering" for the snowboard, which is prolly why you find it easier. This shape is good for noobs in that effect too.